Your “House Hunting” Trip Checklist

You may have been putting money aside for a while, and now you have what you need to put down on your new home. There are few more incredible feelings than this one. Still, it’s essential to take a systematic approach to the home-buying process. We at Pembroke Re/Max Realty think a house-hunting trip checklist is the best way to do this.

House Hunting Checklist

Include the following in your list:

  • Have your real estate agent recommend a hotel both centrally located and equipped to fulfill your specific needs. Additionally, they may be aware of days when local hotel bookings will be full due to special events.
  • After deciding on a move-in date, tentatively schedule a home inspection. Make sure there is nothing you’ll have to pay to change the date of the house inspection.
  • Remember to bring your checkbook to put down a deposit and have a house inspection before you commit to buying. Inquire about the typical deposit requirements in the region.
  • Document the house you’re buying with a still camera or video. Always keep in mind that we require the consent of the property owners.
  • To speed up entering and exiting houses, bring slip-on shoes.
  • If you plan on attending nighttime showings or reviewing and finalizing key real estate agreements while bringing younger children, consider making childcare arrangements in advance.
  • It might be helpful if you have already been in touch with a local broker or lender. However, most realtors also have the names and numbers of local mortgage experts available if you need to contact one.
  • While house hunting, you may need the assistance of a lawyer, home inspector, and contractor, among other professionals. We have a list of qualified experts approved to work with the federal government and would be happy to help you relocate.
  • Bring the letters of recommendation if you have time to meet with a new doctor during the house-hunting trip. Earlier registration on waiting lists is better as it will ensure you don’t have to wait to meet them.

These are just the essential points that should be on your house hunting trip checklist. You can create it and then add to it as you go. For more details about our services, please call Pembroke Re/Max Realty at (613) 312-9403. You can also write to us via this Online Form. Patricia Newman will call you back soon to help you with your needed information. We have extensive knowledge of various local properties and can help you find your dream home.

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